Parent Coaching and The Young Child

Do you feel incompetent or powerless as a parent? Do you find yourself slipping into your own parents’ parenting practices? The ones you swore you’d never repeat? Do you feel frustrated with your child and ashamed or guilty for the feelings you harbor towards them?

Parenting is the hardest most demanding job you will ever do! Facing children’s challenging behaviors can often leave parents feeling incompetent, doubtful, scared, stressed, overwhelmed, and lost. They may also experience sadness and guilt as they move further and further away from their original vision they had of parenting and family life.

Often times a child’s behavior communicates many things to us including their feelings, needs, and frustrations. Our job together is to learn to decode this “language” and teach appropriate and healthy emotional expression and behavior. Together we will discover your and your child’s strengths and gain insight into the bigger picture of what may be happening for your child.

With my specialized training and experience in the area of parenting, I can help you identify specific challenges and develop goals to address and remedy these challenges. I offer practical and effective parenting strategies to help improve your child’s behavior, and strengthen the relationship between you and your child. I offer a warm and engaging style, a direct approach, humor, and insight to help you manifest the parent you want to be and help your child improve their behavior.