About Me

I offer psychotherapy and art therapy to children, families, and adults. I work collaboratively with you to help create realistic goals that address the issues that are most important to you. I believe in your own inner strengths and work to help you elicit them and integrate them into your present life. I am your accountability ally and in that, gently help keep you focused on your goals. I will honor your process with a combination of compassion, warmth, humor, empathy and candidness.

I also offer parent coaching that is specific to wanting to develop and improve parenting skills and techniques.

I wholeheartedly value and respect each individual with which I am privileged to work with. As a client of therapy myself, I deeply appreciate the incredible vulnerability, courage and strength that go into the process. I am a married person and parent, an immigrant with deep understanding of diversity, and bring this rich life experience to my work.


  • You want to be accountable to yourself and your process.
  • You want a caring, warm yet active and candid collaborator.
  • You want someone who is relatable.
  • You want honest feedback and are committed to changing what’s not working.
  • You want someone who “gets” marriage and parenthood experiences.
  • You want a neuroscience nerd who understands and integrates her knowledge of how our brains, bodies, emotions and behaviors work together.