Women often face challenges that are unique to the gender as they transition to becoming a parent. Women tend to have a pattern of focusing on the caretaking of others exclusively while not prioritizing themselves and their own needs. They are tainted by thoughts that prioritizing themselves is “selfish” and they can be plagued by enormous unnecessary and unwanted guilt for merely putting themselves first.

The pressure that women feel to be a “perfect” mom, partner, homemaker, employee, adds enormous stress. With all that women hold and contend with, they are often left feeling ashamed, not good enough, and down on themselves.

I love to work with women to help lift them up from negativity and instead, see their power and courage in everything they do. I thrive on helping women learn to prioritize themselves and begin to see self-care as a necessity not a privilege. One that will help them feel better about themselves and their parenting. It is my passion to help women fight through these negative messages and instead focus on finding and owning their strengths while helping them create space to find joy and fulfillment!