Individual Adults

To decide that you want to help yourself, better yourself, and heal yourself as an adult is one of the most powerful and courageous acts anyone can exercise. I admire any client that makes the decision to look at themselves and attempt to figure themselves out and improve their quality of life.

As adults we often encounter many biases and falsehoods about what being an adult means:

  1. You should “be over” stuff that happened in your past because you can’t do anything about it. False. First and foremost, you are a human being and whatever your experiences, they were real, and they impacted you. The body remembers everything that’s ever happened even if you don’t. With the right support, you can overcome, heal and move forward with more life satisfaction and enjoyment.
  • Adults shouldn’t feel things because we’re too old for that. Wrong. Again, you are a human being and experiencing emotions is a normal human function, just like digestion or breathing. You probably received messages along the way that tell you not to feel things, to ignore your feelings, or that having feelings is a bad thing. Having feelings is a normal human function that most of us lack skill in. I’m here to help you learn to navigate challenging emotions and learn to use that energy to your benefit.
  • Adults should be “serious” and “responsible”. Translation? We shouldn’t play or have fun! This myth creates a lot of stress for adults because there’s not a lot of balance when you live this way. I may incorporate some humor or invite you to squeeze some playdough, doodle with some markers, or play in some way. Why is this important? Because when we play and create, we stimulate a different part of the brain that offers us more expansiveness, decreases stress, helps us find more enjoyment and purpose, and connects us to our child-like essence, filled with wonder and delight.

Working with me means you’re ready to work on yourself and incorporate content from our sessions to support you in achieving the goal you set out to pursue. I am highly skilled at assessing what might be behind your struggles but work with you to feel empowered in understanding yourself, what interferes, and how to work through it so that you can land back on your feet and feel confident in your own skin.

If you’d like to explore working with me, please reach out via email or phone at 415.235.2734 for a 15-minute consultation.