Hello and welcome!

Thank you for being here. I imagine if you’re here you’re struggling in some way. You’re also tired of going at it alone and are ready to receive warm, candid, collaborative support.

I can help you gain clarity on what you may want to focus on with gentle accountability. I will support you in staying on track with your goals and help you regain a sense of power and purpose in your life.

I offer both in person and telehealth services for children, families and individuals, with a special place in my heart for women’s issues. I integrate a variety of different modalities including art therapy, brainspotting, neuroscience, somatic experiencing, mindfulness, and CBT to help you find balance and feel empowered by learning the connection between your mind, body, heart, and spirit.

How do you know if I’m the right therapist for you?

  • You want to be accountable to yourself and your process.
  • You want a caring, warm yet active and candid collaborator.
  • You want someone who is relatable.
  • You want honest feedback and are committed to changing what’s not working.
  • You want someone who “gets” and is compassionate toward the challenges of modern-day life.
  • You want a neuroscience nerd who understands and integrates her knowledge of how our brains, bodies, emotions, and behaviors work together.

Learn more about your options to work with me by clicking the links below:

Individual Adults

Children and Families

Pregnancy and Postpartum Mamas

Women in Midlife