Busy professionals can’t always make it into the office to meet with a therapist. Packed schedules, childcare responsibilities, and long commutes can make an in-person visit challenging. And for some clients, a virtual meeting is a personal preference. It’s no surprise that more people are choosing to access online therapy from the comfort of their home or private office.

Additionally, research has found that in most cases, video therapy sessions are just as effective as in-person treatment—which is fantastic news for anyone who doesn’t want to sacrifice quality for convenience.

Whatever your reason is for choosing an online therapist, I can help. I offer therapy online throughout the state of California. Please explore the rest of my site and see if you feel I might be a good fit for you.

If you’d like to explore working with me via telehealth, please reach out via email or phone at 415.235.2734 for a 15-minute consultation.