Hello and thank you for visiting my website.

This is the first step in creating the kind of life you want to have.

Usually people seek therapy because they are challenged by feelings, thoughts and behaviors that cause significant distress in their relationships, job and daily experience. The safety and comfort of the therapeutic relationship along with a commitment to self-exploration can bring forth relief from these challenges and stressors.

Allow me the privilege of supporting you in gaining a deeper understanding of self while learning more effective coping skills. My first priority is to create a safe and welcoming environment where you can feel comfortable addressing the challenges that have brought you into therapy. Using a gentle and paced approach, together we will work on creating safety and trust, while creating realistic goals tailored to your specific needs.

I use a non-judgmental and collaborative approach that supports my clients in accessing their own strengths and resources. I offer individual, couples, & child and family therapy focused on enhancing and strengthening relationships, improving communication and addressing challenging issues such as depression, anxiety, relationships difficulties, and life transitions.

Parenting Consultations & Coaching

With my specialized training and experience in the area of parenting, I offer practical and effective tools to enhance parenting skills, improve child behavior, and strengthen the parent/child relationship.

I combine a warm and engaging style, a direct approach, humor, insight, and my own experiences to help you manifest the parent you want to be and help give your child the childhood you want them to have.

I specifically help parents with pregnancy support for singles and couples, postpartum adjustment, behavioral difficulties in children, and creating healthy rhythms in their home and family life.

Getting Started

In an effort to make my services more available to the community, I offer sliding scale fees. When you first call, I will listen empathically to your concerns and needs. I invite you to ask questions about me and my approach and will respond with openness. We can then set up our first appointment and begin working collaboratively around what is most pressing for you right now and how to begin addressing strategies towards change. Please call me at 415-235-2734 and take that first step